Patio Doors Onalaska WI

img-patio-door-2Window World Patio Doors, Standard and French Rail styles, are without a doubt the perfect complement to the most important architecture anywhere – the home you design and build. More than an entryway, they’re a statement of who you are and your view on life.

The real beauty of Window World Patio Doors lies in the fact that their beauty is more than skin deep. Dependable security, high durability and easy operation are just a part of the inside story on how Window World has transformed a good idea into a great door for every home style. With two stunning options, Window World definitely has a solution for you.

Take a closer look at the 4000 Series Patio Door


Exterior Colors

Interior Colors

Interior Grids

Cut Glass

Handle Finish Options

img-solarzone-energyGlass Options

SolarZoneTM insulated glass packages are offered as an upgrade to help you save heating and cooling costs while keeping your home more comfortable. In warm weather, SolarZone reduces solar heat gain, minimizing interior glare and lowers room-side glass temperature, saving energy and making your home more comfortable. In cool weather, SolarZone provides outstanding thermal performance with warmer room-side glass surfaces to help save energy and maintain comfort during a cold winter.

SolarZoneTM meets ENERGY STAR® requirements in North and North-Central Zones.
SolarZone EliteTM meets ENERGY STAR requirements in all Zones.

Blinds Between the Glass

img-patio-door-blinds-insideThe unique Blinds Between the Glass option offers a quality solution for patio door treatments. Engineered for ease of use, the internal design makes raising and lowering the blinds a snap. The blinds are sealed between the glass offering, longer life, and eliminate the need for dusting.

Instinct Handle

img-patio-door-instinct-handleThe Instinct Handle option features One-Motion operation, allowing the homeowner to unlock and open the door in a single motion; in reverse, the door closes and locks in the same single motion. The modern, innovative design doesn’t extend into the glass area and eliminates the need for a separate lever.

Panel Operation